Meet Our Team


(Graphics & Web)

Nick handles all of the custom graphic work that we provide for our clients.  He likes creating logos that are fun but also have a clean professional look.  “Designing a logo that reflects the mood of the party and describes what the event is all about is my ultimate goal,” he says.  “I enjoy doing historical research of the venue along with getting to know the clients in order to make my designs more effective.”

Favorite Prop:

The Big “Kanye West” Sunglasses

Favorite Wedding Song:

Earth Wind & Fire – September


(Business & Client Relations)

John makes sure everything runs smoothly when coordinating events with our clients. You can always count on him to answer your questions ASAP!  John has extensive knowledge and experience in organizing and working large specialized events which he gained with his previous employer Brooks & Dunn. “I love helping our clients make sure their special day is remembered for years to come!”

Favorite Prop:

The Picture Frame

Favorite Wedding Song:

Edwin McCain – I’ll Be


(Marketing & Communications)

Brad is the “go to” when it comes to knowledge of the wedding industry and client communication.  He also knows what it takes to effectively communicate our brand to the world.  If PictureDust had a face it would undoubtedly be Brad, or his wife Elizabeth!  “We provide more than an instant picture service, we capture happy moments that your guests will never forget.

Favorite Prop:

Viking Helmet

Favorite Wedding Song:

Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World